Web design is complex and dynamic. Find out the best WordPress themes trends today.

Bright and responsive logos. These graphic elements are able to adapt to any screen resolution, thereby maintaining their presentability.

Empty space. Large white space allows you to focus the visitors’ attention on a specific place, on block elements with the desired content.

Widescreen video. With video, you can convey the same information much faster. This greatly simplifies the use of the site and improves its usability.

Minimalism. Simplicity and convenience will always be trendy. The essence of minimalism in web design is to abandon all Intrusive, interfering, distracting details, and focus the user’s attention on the main information.

Bright colors. Color plays a very important role in the site design because each color is able to convey a certain emotional mood. It is very important in delivering the necessary visual information.

Animation. Animated images convey key information much faster than large texts. Therefore, the animation will never go out of fashion.

Geometry. The presence of geometric shapes of various shapes and shades significantly enliven the design, making it creative and modern.

Gradient. The gradient color transition in the background graphics makes the design of your site unique and concise.

Parallax effect. Ultra-trendy website design, the use of the so-called parallax effect, when you see moving background or individual graphic elements at different speeds.